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After not diving for a month we head out for the Tuggerah.  When we get there the wind is steady and seas reasonable calm.  We try to hook up and miss so have to lift the anchor by hand about 10 metres and tried again.  Again we missed it and drifted quickly away.  Another go, this time we lifted the anchor right up and finally managed to hook up on the wreck.  Once we were sure we were hooked in we put the mermaid out and found that the current was quite strong.  Putting out the deco bar and cross over line was interesting as the current took them well back behind the boat.  One thing for sure - if we fell into the water we would drift back from the boat very quickly and likely not reach the mermaid line.  We put out pull lines to assist in getting to the anchor line.  I held mine as I dropped over the side and was glad I did as the current pulled strongly at me, my twins and stage not helping at all.

The current continued as we headed down, easing off closer to the wreck.  We found the anchor hanging off an isolated piece of metal. To make sure we did not lose the boat we tied the anchor to it.  We headed off, ending up at the bow of the wreck.  Viz was good but there some some fine silt in the water.

A lone wobbiegong rested under some metal plates, making for good photo opportunities.  At our designated bottom time we untied the anchor and prepared to put some air in the lift bag.  Wayne lost his inflator and with our bottom time expired we unhooked the anchor and let it drag across the sand.  I was hanging onto the anchor rope and Wayne the anchor.  I grabbed the back of his twins to allow him to grab the rope and we slowly ascended, the anchor dragging quickly in the sand.  The water temperature hit as low as 14 degrees and I was pleased I had chose to wear my dry suit.



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