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For the first time in quite a while mother nature was calm.  The seas were low and long and viz looked great.  We wanted to do the Tug and then the Undola.  We planned the Tug on 30% Nitrox. We anchored on the wreck and looking down we could see the anchor rope a long way down.  Once the deco and cross over were set down we went.  At about 10m we looked up and saw a white buoy a bit below the surface and a thick rope from it going deep.  We continued down and found our anchor on the starboard side of the wreck in some old netting.  Securing it we saw a large wobbiegong sleeping on top of the boiler.  Then it was back to the prop and rudder and then down the front of the boiler.  Here the rope that we had seen coming down was tangled.  I untangled it, the hope bring that the buoy would then be on the surface.  Fish life as prolific, the Tug is renown for this.  Freeing the anchor and heading up at 30m we were amazed to see the boat.  That's good viz.  We spent 16 mins on the wreck with a 14 min safety stop at 5m.  It doesn't get any better than this...or does it?


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