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This was our third dive on the Tuggerah and by far the best.  When we arrived at the site there was already a boat there with 2 divers preparing to enter the water.  We sat off and while waiting for them to cast off their anchor we set up the deco bar and cross over line. Once it was obvious they had cast off and were drifting away we headed over and dropped anchor. The boat was not moving away so we geared up and headed down.  At the bottom we found the anchor in the sand, not really dragging.  We hauled it over to the wreck, about 20m and secured it.  Then we could explore.  The viz was crystal clear and we ventured behind the propeller and rudder and I had a look inside under the boiler but did not enter this space.  There were fish everywhere WOW what a buzz. 

At this depth my camera buttons don't work too well but I still got plenty of pics.  We dive the Tuggerah on 26% Nitrox.  This gives a PO2 of 1.5 at the bottom, an acceptable level.  We get 15 mins on the wreck, having taken 2 mins to get down.  We then spent 17-18 mins at 5m decompressing, well worth it.  Wayne lost and recovered a weight pocket.  That makes one each as I lost one on my previous dive on the Tuggerah.  Mine was found by Michael McFadyen.  This was dive 299 for Wayne and 309 for me.  Max depth was 46.6m and total time of 44 mins.



parts of the ship


Wayne & old mooring point



top of rudder

prop & rudder

Tuggerah from 35m depth

Wayne on the deco bar


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