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Our second real dive on the Tuggerah.  Seas were OK and we moored up easily.  We spent 3 minutes getting down to the top of the wreck, 12 minutes on the wreck and an 11 minute deco at 5 metres using 26% Nitrox.  This is right on the limit in terms of PO2 for us.  I started with 222 bar and still had 74 bar remaining.  We will slow extend our bottom time on subsequent dives.  Sadly I lost a weight pocket sometime during the dive.  I discovered it was missing during my deco stop.  It most likely fell out when I backward rolled out of the boat.  If it had fallen out while descending I expect I would have seen it.  given this, it is most likely in the sand down current of the wreck.  At least my friends at Deep6 had a spare one for me so I did not miss out on any dives.

On the top of the wreck were two beautiful wobbies.  The usual thousands of nannygais and bullseyes were also there.  We swam around to the rear and under the propeller. 

Once we are more familiar with the layout we will explore a bit into the wreck, using a reel of course.


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