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We had hoped for a big day of exciting dives.  It was not to be.  We headed out to the Tuggerah site.  It took 4 goes to get the anchor to hold in the wreck.  The last one Wayne had to pull the anchor up all the way to find the chain wrapped around the anchor - impossible for it to hold onto anything in that state.  There was a slight current and a moderate wind.  Heading down the water was green and dirty.  It did not bear well as it got darker and darker the deeper we got.  At the bottom the anchor was secure just forward of the boiler.  It was dark, almost a night dive and torches were the order of the day.  We took a tour around the back to get pics of the prop and then forward but really it was not great and we headed back up to complete our decompression stops.  At least there was  a large school of bait fish around us, but Wayne was a bit concerned about what might be lurking in the shadows, eyeing off the bait fish for entree and us for mains.  We got out OK though, and with the water looking so bad we packed up and headed home.



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