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Calm seas two weeks in a row and we go for the Wreck double - Tug and Undola.  We pull up at the Tug and hook up on the mooring buoy that is there.  Too easy.  Over the side and straight down in blue water.  The Tug was there in all it's glory and excellent viz.  A wobbie lay across the boiler.  Further back I explored the rudder and prop.  Coming back towards the boiler something hit me across the shoulder.  It was not hard - rather soft but it gave me a fright.  I turned around to see it coming at me again - a rather cranky giant cuttle.  I pushed my camera at it but it came back on the attack several more time.  Each time I pushed my camera at it.  By this time I was back on the starboard side of the wreck near the mooring.  It followed me for a bit, until I headed further forward in the wreck.  Coming back I freed a piece of the mooring chain and saw a white very large cuttle in a crevice between the boiler and the hull.  Several smaller giant cuttles hovered nearby.  I'm guessing that this was a female and the one that attacked thought I was a threat to it's chances with the female. 

There was of course lots of other fish on the wreck but most of my dive was consumed by the cuttle's behaviour - some thing I had not seen before.  Too quickly our 17 mins on the wreck was over and up we went for a 12 minute deco stop.  Even on 30% Nitrox you don't get a lot of time at 45m.


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