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Our first dive for 2013.  The conditions looked OK for a deep dive on the Tuggerah.  We planned to beat the strong winds that were forecast for later in the day.  We got out to the Tug site easily but on our first anchor drop missed it and had to go again.  Second time we nailed it.  There was a current so we put out pull ropes to the bow.

Over the side and the current was OK with the pull ropes.  It would have been hard going without the ropes.  It took us 6 minutes to get down to the wreck, it normally takes 2-3 minutes.  The current made the descent hard work.  Water temp at the bottom was a cool 16 degrees but a more pleasant 20 at the surface.

At the wreck the anchor was settled firmly just in front of the boiler.  We secured it better and headed back past the boiler, took some pics of the tool rack and then over the back to the prop.  Nice pic opportunities here.  Then around the starboard side and back to the anchor.  Since it took us so long to get down our time on the wreck was limited to 19 minutes so quite quickly we had to ascend.

The deco stop was quite comfortable but when we surfaced the wind had come up and made for a tricky climb back into the boat.



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