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Our intention was to dive the Tuggerah and dive it we did.  The seas were big and rolling but about 15 secs apart so not a problem for us at the Tuggerah site.  When we arrived Sea Tamer was there with a group of technical divers, including one with a scooter.  We hung off Sea Tamer until it was clear that their anchor had been lifted from the wreck and were drifting away.  The current was very strong.  We had got some pointers from Damo (skipper of Sea Tamer) on how to hook up the wreck.  So with a weight belt attached to the anchor to make it heavy we drove past the wreck and dropped the anchor.  The idea is to weight the anchor so it drops down really quickly and then drags on the bottom, catching the wreck as it is dragged across it.  Our first attempt was not fully successful.  We felt it had hooked but after a few minutes, we think it came free.  So we had to lift the anchor up with much difficulty due to its weight (the weight belt was 24lb alone).  Second attempt and we hooked in properly, geared up and over the side.  The current was very strong, it was all I could do to get to the front anchor and once there, when the current pushed I had to hang on with both hands to avoid being pushed into the boat.  Wayne had to work his way forward by hanging onto the side of the boat.  Once down the current disappeared.  On the wreck, there was a bit of surge but no current.  Our anchor had bitten on front starboard side of the wreck, almost right on the sand.  We secured it and headed back to the boiler and prop area.  On the top of the wreck was a very large wobbie, sitting in a hole in the deck plates.  Viz was excellent (20+ metres) and the usual fish life was plentiful.  On the port side of the wreck I found an anchor with chain.  It was solid with a long shaft and 4 welded angled prongs.  I lifted the anchor, intending to put it on top of the wreck but the chain attached to it ran off as far as I could see and was part buried in the sand so I left it where it was.  All too soon our time on the bottom ends and we start the slow ascent and long deco (18 mins). It was worth it.  This was dive 320 for me, max depth 46.6m, total time 44 mins.


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