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The seas were kind to us and a deep dive was in order.  And the Tuggerah is always a pleasure.  As we pulled up a seal popped out of the water - always a good omen.  First dive these season in my dry suit with new zip I took a bit longer getting ready but we were soon over the side and headed down.

The water was reasonably clear but at the bottom it was quite gloomy and I kept my torch on for most of the dive. We were anchored on the port side mid ships and after securing the anchor we headed past the boiler to the stern with the obligatory photos of the prop, then down the starboard side to the bow. Lots of fish around and we were buzzed by the seal several times.  Sadly, it didn't stop for pics.  We saw 2 wobbiegongs hiding under the wreck and lots of cuttle eggs but no cuttles.

Too soon our time is up and we head back up, do our deco stops and surface.  No seal during our lengthy deco stops which was a shame.



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