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The conditions were perfect on Saturday July 2.  Sunny and clear waters.  In fact the water was that tropical blue colour that just says it's going to be good.  And when the anchor dropped down we could see the rope for a long way down.  Boat all set up we are are geared up and over the side we go.  I'm in first and wait at the anchor.  Just a slight current running.  Then I hear Wayne yell "I forgot my computers".  So I waited while Wayne sorted that out. 

So down we go and at 25m I look up and can clearly see the boat.  WOW was this going to be good.  Our anchor had dropped just behind the boiler - perfect location. The first this I saw was 5 juvenile PJs gathered together on the port side behind the boiler.  And several more swimming around.  After pics of these the prop was at it's best so some pic were required.  I mucked up a pic of the prop with a PJ swimming in behind it.  After the pleasure of the prop we swum up the starboard side and into the middle of the wreck.  Here I saw something else I had never seen before.  A wobbie resting in sand, flanked on either side by a PJ.  Didn't think they would co-habitate like that.

Then it was across the front of the boiler and down the port side to the engine.  Below the tool rack on the back wall rested the biggest wobbiegong I have ever seen.  It was massive.  Didn't want to get too close so a good look at the tool rack was out of scope. And then it was time to ascend.  An absolutely lovely dive on the Tug, even during our deco stops we could hear Whale call.  And the water temp? still a nice 18C.




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