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A calm overcast day with little wind and high water clarity at Wally's wharf.  Our aim was the Tuggerah and it did not disappoint.  We dropped anchor and it bit.  The boated settled 50m from our mark but we felt this would be OK given the size of the wreck.  And it was in the right direction.  Le Scat arrived as we were setting up and they anchored as well.  At the bottom it was very clear.  Our anchor was in wreckage on the port side of the wreck, about midships.  Good location, easy to find again.  Le Scat's anchor ended up on the starboard side, not far in front of the end of the high side of the wreck where the permanent mooring used to be.  There is no longer any rope here so it has either finally cut through and drifted away or been removed.  A large wobbiegong rested at the top of the boiler, between the skin and the tubes so only it's head could be seen.  The prop was splendid, surrounded by fish.  As local wrecks go the Tug is amongst the best and we were sad to to have to leave it after only 16 mins on the bottom.


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