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After a successful dive on the Undola we planned to dive the Tug. As we were planning to tidy up the maker buoy at the Undola Le Scat turned up. They had gone past the Tug and said it was crowded, with several boats there including "The Frenchman".  They also told us that there was a mooring buoy there which was great news.  When we arrived at the Tuggerah site there was one boat there.  They had 2 divers down on their deco.  We waited till those divers had surfaced.  They reported surgy and poor viz but this did not put us off.  Once they had departed we moored up and headed down with a 25L drum.  Our intention was to attach the drum at a depth so that if the mooring was cut off the rope would not drop all the way to the bottom.

On the wreck the viz was not good but it wasn't surgy.  I had a good look around the boiler area, swimming between it and the ship's sie on the starboard side.  I found a wobbie resting under the boiler.  I then went around the port side of the boiler where I met up with Wayne again.  We headed towards what would have been the bow.  There is not much out there - some ribs from the ship and scattered wreckage.  On the way up we found a D shackle at 20m.  We attached our drum to that and inflated it.  Then it was back up to 5m for our deco. 

Doing a double deep dive on 27% Nitrox is possible, even with a surface interval of only one and a half hours.  On this dive we were on the bottom for 12 mins and had a 20 minute deco.

whale tail

whale tail 2


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