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 After 2 failed attempts to dive the Tug over the past few weeks this one as a winner.  The anchor dropped smack bang in the middle of the wreck 15m forward of the boiler.  Perfect location.  We knew the dive was going to be good - the water at the surface that that colour about that that showed great viz.  And it was great.  From the anchor we headed towards the boiler and around to the port side.  On the sand just off the wreck was huge male wobbiegong.  Wayne got down in front if it.  I was closer to the boiler, having stopped to take a pic of the exposed toilet bowl.  The wobbiegong got spooked and turned and swam in my direction.  I got a good pic of him as he swam past.  Thhen down to look at the tool rack, then around to the stern and the necessary shots of the boiler and the rudder.

Following the starboard side forward, then up over the side and down between the boiler and the side.  Near the anchor was a nice little cuttle.  A great dive and everything went well.



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