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Seas were calm on Saturday May 17, 2008.  We had hoped to do the double Tug and Undola.  I ran out of Kwells (which I always take when on a boat) and ginger tablets didn't work for me. 

We hooked up easily on the float that has been there for some time.  Other than  a couple of friendly fishers we were alone.  At 30m we were greeted by schools of fish and shortly after there she was. A big wobbie was resting on top of the boiler.  Viz was great, really clear.  We swam around the stern and into the space between the stern and the boiler, taking lots of pics along the way.  Too soon our 17 mins on the bottom were up and we ascended for an 11 minute deco.  We headed down to the Undola with me feeling worse all the time. We thought we might put a second drum on the mooring there.  Well, we couldn't find the mooring so after 15 mins or so we headed back toward Gibbon, thinking we might be able to so a dive at Barrens.  As we came up towards Marley Beach we were amazed to see a large whale breech about 100m from us.  It was heading North and was alone.  We believe it was a Southern Right Whale but on close examination it was a humpback.  It surfaced several times, definitely heading North.  As soon as we stopped in the relative calm of Gibbon head I was sick, and that was it for the day.  Also the wind was coming up quite strong so it might have been too sloppy to dive again.


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