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Again we had great weather and flat seas on December 9, 2006.  And at Dolan's Bay wharf Damien from Sea Tamer tells us he has placed a buoy attached to the wreck.  He's a great guy alright, and I'd recommend that you take trip out with him.  Out we went and the buoy was a lot more than we had expected.  In fact, it's a big yellow mooring buoy, with a loop rope on a small white buoy.  Very easy to hook up to.  Two guys in an other boat Griffiti tied up to us as well.  One was on twins.  We set up our deco bar and cross over rope and were ready to go down.  We waited a few minutes - Wayne had left his camera on the boat, then needed to catch his breath.  Down we went, and found at 5m there was a deco station in the form of a wide ring attached to the mooring line.  The line is thick, and runs down to chain that is wrapped and secured to the wreck just forward of the boiler.  It was quite a sight seeing the wreck for the first time.  There was no current, and despite the viz being really bad on the way down the viz close the wreck was superb. 

We headed forward first, then backed around down the port side, past the boiler and to the propeller.  Sadly our pics had a lot of back scatter in them.  Then back over the top and forward again.  Our time down there went really quickly and all too soon we were on our way back up. 

I had a total dive time on air of 29mins with a max depth of 45.4m.  We spent 12 mins at the wreck and 15 mins deco.  What a great dive number 278.


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