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This was to be our last diving day for 2010.  I needed 3 dives to get 100 for the year so we had planned to do the Tug, the Whale Watch Platform and some where else.  We headed down to the Tug and when we arrived we found Le Scat circling preparing to anchor.  We waited a bit off them until they had set their anchor, then set ours about 40m from them.  We set up and down we went.  We were anchored on the port side of the wreck, forward of the boiler while Le Scat was anchored behind the boiler.  We headed towards the stern passing two of the divers from Le Scat who were already at the bottom.  Passing the boiler on the port side I headed down to the prop for the usual pics.  Michael & Kelly from Le Scat were checking out the prop with their torches and  Michael  swam up between the rudder and the prop, something that I had never done but will do next time we visit the Tug. Moving forward I saw Wayne and Michael looking at the tool rack on the stern of the ship.  This is a small area between the engine and the stern but can fit two divers comfortably.  Once they had moved on I dived down into this area and took some pics of the tool rack on which you can still clearly make out spanners.  Oddly I have never explored this area before even though Michael describes it well on his website.

Then I headed back to the anchor, our 25 minutes was up. Mindful that Le Scat was nearby we freed the anchor and allowed the chain to drag along the bottom.  We didn't want the boats to collide while we were doing our deco stops.  For the early part of our deco stop we were could see Le Scat divers doing their deco stops.  At one stage during the deco stop the 2 boats did come together for a brief period, then separated and we didn't see Le Scat again that day.



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