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 Jen and I decided to take the scooters down to Shellharbour and take them out to the Gravel loader.  Jen had not used a scooter before so it was a good opportunity to learn.  And the swim out to the gravel loader is not very interesting.

We had decided to enter the water at the boat ramp on the west side.  The car could be parked close to the water so we would not have to carry the 20kg scooters too far.  But mother nature had other ideas.  It was nearing high tide and the swell was big enough to make the entry at the boat ramp quite hard, esp with a scooter.

So we went back up to the road and parked on the east side of the loader.  This was a long walk down to the water and then across the rocks but at least the water was calm  A spearie coming out told us that the water was really dirty. But that did not deter us.

On the road were 2 girls preparing to dive.  One had come up from Jervis Bay, the other down from Sydney.  The Sydney girl had forgotten her computer so had hired regs with a console computer.  But when we tried to  attach the lp inflator hose it would not connect.  She has an Oceanic occy on her inflator which require a propriety fitting.  So a 15mm spanner to the rescue - swap her lp hose onto the hire regs and she was on her way.

So firstly I carried the scooters one at a time down close to the water's edge.  Then I swam our dive flag out and dropped it over a sandy patch.  Next I swam out each scooter and attached it to the dive flag rope.  The scooters (which are slightly negative) dropped to the bottom.  Then it was back up to get the  dive gear and into the water.  Easy to pick up the scooters with scuba. 

We scootered out to the gravel loader on the surface, mostly because the water was a bit dirty.  Once we were inside the piers we dropped down to the bottom.  Viz was about a meter.  This was at high tide, no rain for days, no obvious reason.  We swam around for a few minutes then gave up and headed back. My navigation was a bit off and we ended up on the east side when we should have been on the west side. So we took the trip back on the surface again with Jen getting very queasy. 

And it was the reverse to get all the gear back up to the car. 

At least Jen learnt to use a scooter,

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