Bass Point  06-12-08
Arch & Cave 12-07-08
Lous Rock 12-07-08
Gravel Loader 12-07-08
Arch & Cave 041008
Lous Rock 04-10-08
Slipper Reef  04-10-08
Lous Rock 07-03-09
The Gutter 07-03-09
The Arch & Cave 20-03-10
Lou's rock 20-03-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-04-10
Bushrangers Bay 26-04-10
The Olgas 24-07-10
Bass Point  06-12-08
The Hump 24-07-10
Bushrangers Bay 28-11-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-07-11
Gravel Loader 19-01-14
Bushrangers Bay 09-02-14
The Hump 28-02-15
The Arch 28-02-15


 With really good weather for diving Jen and I headed for Bass Point, our aim to dive Bushrangers Bay and the Gravel Loader.  We go there about lunchtime and ate before going into the water. 

Bushrangers Bay

Viz was very good, the water being quite clear and at shallower depths lovely and warm.  At deeper than 15m or so though it dropped to 17C, probably reflecting the colder deep water further out.  Fish weren't plentiful but there was a great variety of them.  Lots of stingarees, grey and black lying on the bottom, groper, goat fish, wrasse, trevally and heaps more.  We came across a cuttle, well disguised sitting on a rock.  It did not move away when we approached, nor did it seem perturbed by us swimming around it.  We did a lot of depth change during the dive, partly so I could give Jen some more experience in diving depth changes.


The Gravel Loader

Our second dive was on the gravel loader.  This is a shallow dive but quite a swim from shore.  A dirt car pack gives access to the area via a small concrete boat ramp.  Best to park on the grass at the top to avoid getting dirt into your gear.  It's a bit further to walk but worth it, esp when packing up when everything is wet.  Entry is easy on the boat ramp which as a rust hand rail that makes putting on fins really easy.  A bearing of 330 would take us to one of the pylons further out.  The bottom is very rocky and "industrial".  It's a long swim out to the pylons with not much of interest and in shallow water.  When we came across a pylon we headed along their line to the end of the loader at 10m.  The most fish line is around the last few pylons.  On this day the viz was not so good with a lot of particulate matter in the water.  Still, there were schools of old wives near the pylons, pike, porcupine fish and quite a number of cuttles.  Also nudies and starfish.  A long swim back and it's really important to know when to head back.  I should have counted pylons out to the end so that I knew when to turn back on a reciprocal course but didn't.  So we headed back on a reciprocal that ended up at a wall very close the the shore.  Re assessing on the surface we took the right course back and walked back out at the boat ramp. 



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