Slipper Reef  04-10-08

After Lous Rock we looked for a second dive.  The mud maps that we had showed a mooring to the NE of the gutter at 22m.  We noted another mooring more to the west.  This was not on the mud map but the area where the mooring was looked interesting.  WE hooked up and down we went, proposing to head East towards the other mooring along a sand gutter where we thought we would find PJs.  At the bottom  we followed a small wall around, eventually ending back at the mooring again.  There are wonderful sponge gardens here and quite a variety of fish.  A large bull ray cruised past us at one stage.  A lovely white cuttle sat on a rock and we both got good pics of it.  And a long snouted boar fish as well. There was also a fish that looked like a wrasse but had very different colouring to the usual wrasse on our waters.  Referring to my reference books reveals it's a eastern king wrasse, which is quoted as being less abundant that the western one and usually in deeper waters. This is a lovely site and we ran out of time too soon.  We found out later from 2 divers on the shore that this site is called Legends.  However, checking a few web sites, it's more likely that this was Slipper reef.

Arch & Cave 12-07-08
Lous Rock 12-07-08
Gravel Loader 12-07-08
Arch & Cave 041008
Lous Rock 04-10-08
Slipper Reef  04-10-08
Lous Rock 07-03-09
The Gutter 07-03-09
The Arch & Cave 20-03-10
Lou's rock 20-03-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-04-10
Bushrangers Bay 26-04-10
The Olgas 24-07-10
Bass Point  06-12-08
The Hump 24-07-10
Bushrangers Bay 28-11-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-07-11
Gravel Loader 19-01-14
Bushrangers Bay 09-02-14
The Hump 28-02-15
The Arch 28-02-15




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