Lou's rock 20-03-10
Arch & Cave 12-07-08
Lous Rock 12-07-08
Gravel Loader 12-07-08
Arch & Cave 041008
Lous Rock 04-10-08
Slipper Reef  04-10-08
Lous Rock 07-03-09
The Gutter 07-03-09
The Arch & Cave 20-03-10
Lou's rock 20-03-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-04-10
Bushrangers Bay 26-04-10
The Olgas 24-07-10
Bass Point  06-12-08
The Hump 24-07-10
Bushrangers Bay 28-11-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-07-11
Gravel Loader 19-01-14
Bushrangers Bay 09-02-14
The Hump 28-02-15
The Arch 28-02-15


Jenny had got quite cold on the first dive so we let her off in Bushrangers Bay where she rested on the rocks in the warm sunshine.  We hooked up on the mooring on the south side of Lou's rock, intending to follow the sheer wall to the north.  The water was cold, and the viz no better.  We followed the wall for quite a distance.  At nearly our turning point we came to a cleft in the wall that headed upwards from around 30m to about 9m depth.  Wayne saw a large bull ray drift over the top of the cleft.

A couple of minutes later a very large bull ray glided past us.  It was probably the same one that Wayne saw - it was absolutely massive. It was the highlight of the dive.  There was very little other fish life - a few rock cods and a couple of schools of yellowtail. 



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