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 Jen and I took Pat down to Bushrangers Bay for a try dive.  This would be his second dive.  Parking was at a premium but we tucked the Golf into a small gap a bit down the road.  We geared up and down we went. The water looked really clear.  There were some divers, some swimmers and lots of snorkellers.  Jen and I dived first.  We headed down the south wall which is my preference and hooked a bit round the corner at the end of the Bay.  It was decidedly colder there - other divers reported the water was 16 degrees in the deeper areas.  We saw a lot of fish including a school of squid, a wobbie stuck deep in a hole and the usual leatherjackets, mado, stingarees and lots more.

Then it was Pat's turn.  We got him in the water and he had a great, but very tiring time.  I think he was so excited at what he was seeing he could not relax so got tired quickly.

After the dive we went back to the Gutter and had lunch.  It was surgy and we watched a group of divers approaching the gutter, preparing to get out.  They appeared to be taking a long time so I walked down to see what was going on.  The exit was difficult, the water very surgy and timing to get onto the rock ledge, get fins off and stand was a real challenge.  One of the divers, a young woman was lying in the water, her gear off and being attended by 2 others.  She was clearly exhausted and somewhat traumatised by the seas and the rocky surroundings.  I helped where I could, taking fins and gear as they were being passed up.  Most of the group of 10 or so divers did not seem to know what to do.

They finally got the girl out and they all walked back up with their gear.  I wonder what these newby divers will remember of their experience and whether they will dive again soon.


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