The Arch & Cave 20-03-10
Arch & Cave 12-07-08
Lous Rock 12-07-08
Gravel Loader 12-07-08
Arch & Cave 041008
Lous Rock 04-10-08
Slipper Reef  04-10-08
Lous Rock 07-03-09
The Gutter 07-03-09
The Arch & Cave 20-03-10
Lou's rock 20-03-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-04-10
Bushrangers Bay 26-04-10
The Olgas 24-07-10
Bass Point  06-12-08
The Hump 24-07-10
Bushrangers Bay 28-11-10
Bushrangers Bay 03-07-11
Gravel Loader 19-01-14
Bushrangers Bay 09-02-14
The Hump 28-02-15
The Arch 28-02-15


 It was to be another day in paradise diving but it did not turn out that way.  It started well, we put the boat in and headed to the Arch.  Jenny had taken stronger medication for sea sickness and we hoped they would work.  They pretty much did - even though the boat was moving a lot in the sloppy water.

The seas were a bit sloppy and the wind stronger than expected.  To add to the problems the mooring was missing so we had to anchor.  We got Jenny in the water quickly then Wayne got in and I followed a few minutes later.  When I hit the water my occy decided to free flow so I lost at least 20 bar before I could stop it.  At the bottom the visibility was poor, only a couple of metres.  It was also cold - 15 degrees.  To add to my woes my mask fogged up every couple of minutes throughout the dive.  We followed the wall on our right coming to the arch after a few minutes .  We went through the arch and then back again, following the wall around.  We came to the arch a second time, went in and out and then followed the wall on our right down to the cave. 

Past the cave and on our way back, my mask still fogging badly, I find that both Jenny and I were low on air.  Recognising we might not have enough to get back to the anchor we ascended, doing a blue water safety stop before surfacing.  It came as shock and warning that Jenny had less than 20 bar according to her gauge and when I put the tank on my digital pressure gauge it was only 8.5 bar.  She would have got a few more breaths only.  I only had 30 bar left, not enough for 2 divers.

With the poor viz and my mask fogging I never even unfolded my strobes so no pictures.



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