Old Mans Hat East 23-01-10


 After doing our 45m Deco Procedures dive at Plunge we headed back out in Yes Dear Too.  With the prevailing wind from the North we tucked in under North Head.  ProDive was at Old Mans Hut so we anchored in 22m a couple of hundred metres east of them.  Wayne was trying out Jen's Halcyon cinch wing and backplate. 

This area is similar to Old Mans Hat - large boulders and rock formations, gaps, gullies and holes between the rocks waiting to be explored.  Near the anchoe a lovely sponge garden on a large rock.  This area had plenty of these.  We headed North from the anchor into the shallower water.  We found several wobbiegongs including a juvenile wedged upwards into rocks.  Two long snouted boarfish greeted us and while one swam away the other stayed in one place, switching back and forth like a model as I took its photo.  As I was taking photos of this fish Wayne had moved around a large rock. When I looked around he was no where to be seen.  Basic training kicked in - I looked around for about a minute and headed safely to the surface.  And there he was 30m away.  Back down we went after taking a bearing for the boat.  We missed the anchor and surface 50m east of the boat, necessitating a surface swim back.