Old Mans Hat 03-02-08
Old Mans Hat East 23-01-10
Old Mans Hat 03-02-08


After diving colours we headed across the harbour to old mans hat.  This named for the flat rock that sits high on the cliff, looking exactly like an old mans hat.  The dive here is simple.  Head south to deeper water, north to shallow water.  We traversed the site from North to South several times.  There are huge boulders with lots of cracks, gutters, over hangs and a number of swim throughs.  We did 2 swim throughs.  There are masses of fish of all types.  While watching a cuttle under a rock a wobbiegong swam past - only a few metres away.   Right below the boat was large rock that went to within 5m of the surface.  It was surrounded by fish - yellowtail, old wives, bullseye, a moorish idol.  This is an amazing dive site and due to it's range of depths makes a fantastic first or second dive.


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