This is our 3rd and 4th dives on the HMAS Adelaide.  Jen and I dived with Prodive Central Coast.  They do a great job getting us out to the wreck and back again and a good briefing for those that have not dived the wreck before. Conditions were great.  The seas were flat, no wind and almost no cloud.  A quick trip out in the boat and we are moored directly above the mast.  And the water looked great from the boat as well.  We headed down and the viz was great.  Down the forward missile launcher we went and along gloomy corridors.   Not much fish life deeper inside the wreck though.  The deck and especially around the masts are full of life.  There are plenty of stripeys, wrasse and we saw quite a number of small morish idols.  Some larger trevally as well.

Our second dive we went along the deck and then back from the wheelhouse along corridors, through the galley and past several toilets.  This seemed to be a dive about the toilets because as we weaved across the wreck from side to side we kept coming across them.

The water was a warm 23C and viz was great for the most part.  Near the bottom of the mast we found a shy cuttle.  It did not really like our presence and hid back as far as it could.  It's good to see that there are becoming more larger fish on the wreck, and more and more fish of all sorts. This will in time bring larger fish.  I look forward to seeing a wobbiegoing on the wreck.