Magic Point 03-09-11
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Cuttle Magic Point 04-05-13
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Magic Point 09-08-14
Magic Point 13-09-14
Magic Point 29-11-14


After a great dive on the Kelloe with the St George Scuba club we headed down to Magic Point.  As we approached we saw Prodive's big boat anchored there.  Our mood sank as we imagined a heard of inexperienced divers down there stirring up the sand and all the sharks swimming away.

But as we got really close we saw divers exiting the water and after another ten minutes or so the boat pulled away.  We anchored easily and over the side went on our twins, using the remainder from our Kellloe dive.  And when we got close the the cave there were heaps of sharks, at least 10.  Viz was reasonable but a lot of particulate in the water made pics hard to get.  There was a lone PJ resting on the sand on the left side of the cave.  But the thrill was the GNS.  They swam around us and over the top of us, getting within half a metre.   WOW.  This was how it should be, wall to wall sharks..   I got one great pic - very close up, mouth open and you can see the whites of their eyes and the sharpness of the teeth.  Lucky those teeth are for prey much smaller than us.

At the second cave we found another 3 GNS making it 13 in all.  Checking my air I was getting close to the end so back to the boat and our safety stop.  With one minute to go I wondered when my next breath would not get any air but I was just OK.

On this dive I also had 2 cameras, my G11 (in a Canon housing and twin INON strobes) and Jenny's Canon IXUS 980 with a Remora strobe.  It was really about testing the camera and strobe combination, I had tried the same camera with an Olympus strobe and while the strobe fired - it clearly was not synchronised with the camera.  The Remora had no such problems and the photos were great,