Magic Point 25-06-11
Magic Point 30-06-05
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Magic Point 25-06-11
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Magic Point 02-06-12
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Magic Point 16-02-13
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Cuttle Magic Point 04-05-13
Magic Point 16-11-13
Magic Point 01-03-14
Magic Point 21-06-14
Magic Point 09-08-14
Magic Point 13-09-14
Magic Point 29-11-14


We had a great dive on the Annie M Miller and I thought we might check out Magic Point for 30 mins or so, using the gas on our twins.  Pro-dive's big boat was just pulling away so we had the site to ourselves, at least to start with.  Viz was fantastic. Our plan was to quickly check out the cave and then explore the second cave and beyond.  However, when we got to the main cave it was so good that we stayed a long time there.  The water was really clear but what got us as the large number of GNS there.  We counted 14 of them, quite a number were juveniles around 1m in length.  Their swimming pattern was very different to what we have previously experienced here.  Usually they swim around the front of the cave 1 to 1.5m above the sand, back into the cave, and then out the other side.  Occasionally they will swim out the end of the cave and off into the distance.  This time they were swimming around the cave and much greater varying depths.  Out of the cave and just above the sand they would hover motionless for a minute or so, or swim high up above the cave, almost at the depth of the ledge above the cave. 

They were also much more curious of us and a number came within touching distance.  Unfortunately my camera batteries gave out so I didn't get anywhere near the pics I would have likes.  To add to the show there were 2 Port Jackson sharks.  Four other divers arrived after a time. One had trouble with their cylinder slipping out - I watched them fix it, then they disappeared without getting close to the cave.

We headed to the second cave east of the main one to find 4 more GNS cruising around.  That makes 18 in total.  Our half hour dive turned into 50 minutes of sheer pleasure with these gentle creatures.