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We had dived the Annie M Miller and Magic Point is a good second dive on the way back.  I had promised Jenny a dive with the Grey Nurse sharks and today was the day.  We picked her up at Long Bay at the beach.  When we got close to Magic Point we could see 3 other boats there.  Sea Tamer was there with a full load of divers.  The frenchman Scubaroo was there with a good compliment and there was another smaller boat as well.  After talking to Damo and frenchman we anchored in our usual spot.  Wayne went in first, and then I helped Jen get ready.  This was her first backward roll and she did it like a pro.  Finally I am in the water and down we go.  Approaching the cave we saw many divers churning up the bottom.  Wayne counted 12 plus us.  The divers were really hemming the sharks in.  The sharks could really only swim within the cave  itself but not out either end or in front of the cave.  I nudged my way through to get close and motioned for Jen to join me.  We spent 20 mins there and over that time most of the other divers left.  We saw 4 sharks of good size and very healthy.  We found a fifth who was swimming towards the cave on the right hand side.  It could not get through the throng of divers and turned and headed back out again.

After 20mins we headed out again.  Jen found a gloomy octopus but I could not coax it out.  We went deeper out, down to 22m, an area that I had not been to before.  I wanted Jen to get some depth but she was feeling some kind of pressure in her head when she went below 19m.  We found a young wobbie resting under some rocks.  We took one last trip across the cave.  A young Beechers devil fish was lurking on the left end of the cave.  I have seen 2 here before.  This could be the smaller one of those, the other was full grown.  The viz was still poor but we did get another look a the sharks with no one else around.

I fear that with the amount of divers now regularly visiting this site the shark numbers will decline and we will lose the colony completely.


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