Pizza Reef 01-06-08
We had planned to do the double wreck dive - Tug & Undola.  The forecast earlier in the week certainly indicated that was an option.  But on the day, the sky was dark, cloudy  and threatening.  Still thinking the Tug was a possibility we headed out of Bate Bay.  Not far out the seas were very sloppy and we decided that some where closer would be a better bet.  Pizza Reef is a wonderful site.  We put down both anchors, and down we went.  The fish life here is amazing.  It is not a large reef but the fish life is prolific.  Schools of yellowtail and Tailor are common.  We found a devilfish under a ledge but it eluded our cameras.  Old wives aplenty, lots of bullseye and many more.  The site is quite accessible at 25m.  We dived it on 30% Nitrox, and only went into deco getting the anchors free and on their way up (we use a lift bag to keep the anchor off the bottom).  At the surface the sea was rough, much worse than when we went down so climbing back into the boat needed special care.
Pizza Reef 01-06-08
Pizza reef 21-03-09
Pizza Reef 03-02-07
Pizza Reef 14-01-12
Pizza Reef 28-01-12




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