Pizza reef 21-03-09
Pizza Reef 01-06-08
Pizza reef 21-03-09
Pizza Reef 03-02-07
Pizza Reef 14-01-12
Pizza Reef 28-01-12


 Our second dive for 21st March 2009 and it's a fine warm sunny day.  After a cup-a-soup at Gibbon we head back out to Pizza reef.  It's a small reef 24-26m depth.  Viz was good and first thing we saw as a large school of giant trevally.  We headed anti clockwise around the reef.  At the south end we were surprised to see a devilfish way out in the open.  These fish are usually very shy and stay in crevices and under ledges.  We followed it till it disappeared into a crevice.  There were lots  of old wives around the sand line.  The reef has quite a number of small channels running through it in different directions.  These can shelter lots if interesting things. An enjoyable dive to finish the day.