Pizza Reef 14-01-12
Pizza Reef 01-06-08
Pizza reef 21-03-09
Pizza Reef 03-02-07
Pizza Reef 14-01-12
Pizza Reef 28-01-12


This was a club boat dive which Michael cancelled that morning due to strong winds.  We decided to try it out and took Bob from the club with us.  It was windy and the sea was lumpy making gearing up challenging.  We had anchored on the SE end of the reef and at the bottom we had 20m viz.  It was amazing.  We first saw a devilfish who was out in the open but moved under a rock as we approached.  Lots of giant trevally at the north end of the reef and plenty of old wives, a PJ and an octopus.

Wayne was what looked like a whaler but it was in the distance and he could not get a good pic of it.  We had our surface interval at Gibbon beach before heading out again.





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