Whorehouse  12-09-09
The Docks 7-08-05
Firefly VX 381 7-8-05
Jervis Bay 24-09-06
TSS Wandra 12-09-09
Whorehouse  12-09-09


The description of this site by Michael McFayden had us really interested - a big flat rock with lots of openings around it that you could swim through.  After excellent viz on the TSS Wandra we had high hopes for this site.  We anchored at the right place but quickly found the viz was poor - 5m a best.  While we found lots of resting PJs and large ray, lots of small openings and possible swim throughs we could not locate the site as Michael had described it.  The viz was so bad that we could not find the anchor and had to surface to locate the boat.  Even then, with a direct bearing we nearly missed the anchor rope, even though we were within 5m of it.  It might be better with good viz.


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