TSS Wandra 12-09-09
The Docks 7-08-05
Firefly VX 381 7-8-05
Jervis Bay 24-09-06
TSS Wandra 12-09-09
Whorehouse  12-09-09


We had been trying to get down to Jervis Bay for quite a while and this weekend Wayne was at Gerringong so Jervis Bay was our natural option.  Arriving at Callalla Bay boat ramp at 7.15 we loaded the boat and headed out.  We spent a bit of time around the location of the Fairey Firefly trying to see it on the bottom finder.  Maybe a ripple in the flat line was all we could se but it could have been nothing at all.  We then headed out of the heads and north into a cove where the wreck of the TSS Wandra lies close to 2 islands drum and drumsticks.  Michael McFayden describes this well so follow the link to his page on the TSS Wandra for more information.  We dropped the anchor right on top of the starboard engine.  The wreck is mostly wreckage - the boiler sitting proud of the sand and behind it 2 engines with prop shafts and propellers still attached.  There is scattered other wreckage around the area.  The boiler is close to a rocky reef that extends out from the islands.  The water temp was 14 degrees (expected that this time of year at JB) but my dry suite did the job and I was not cold.  Visibility was excellent.  A PJ and stingaree rested in the sand near another piece of wreckage.  It is possible to see the top of the ships ribbing sticking up out of the sand.  Worth the dive but probably would not visit again - fish life was sparse and it is fair way up the coast.



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