The Docks 7-08-05

These 2 dives were  on Sunday August 7, 2005 at The Docks and Double Decker Cave. There are many swim throughs here, lots of PJs, and a great variety of fish life.  Double Decker Caves is 2 caves 1 above the other that go back 10-15m.  In one was a resting PJ and right at the back a pair of beautiful devilfish.  I didn't photograph them as I was uncomfortable going deeper into the cave.  Max depth was 21m on the sand.  These were dives 157 and 158.

The Docks 7-08-05
Firefly VX 381 7-8-05
Jervis Bay 24-09-06
TSS Wandra 12-09-09
Whorehouse  12-09-09




Wayne prepares to drop in

"Yes dear" waits patiently

PJ up close and personal

bright yellow nudie

biscuit starfish

another nudie

what a cute face

don't know what this is

PJ swims away

biscuit starfish and friends

typical PJ resting position

large black bull ray

another starfish

Horseshoe leatherjacket (I think)


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