Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is a wonderful diving area.  There are many dive sites from the very shallow to very deep, from sea caves to open channels.  There is even a plane in Hare Bay which is a very interesting dive.

Below are the links to my dives in Jervis Bay.

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South West Rocks March 2007
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Mike Ball - Coral Sea
Lord Howe Island 2012
...what's come before
Yellowrock Drift 05-10-13
The Saga of our Plantation Shutters
Spoilsport Townsville May 2014


Click on the links below to go to individual dives at Jervis Bay.  Most have photos.

The Docks 7-08-05 | Firefly VX 381 7-8-05 | Jervis Bay 24-09-06 | TSS Wandra 12-09-09 | Whorehouse  12-09-09





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