Firefly VX 381 7-8-05

This wreck is a fighter bomber located at 12m depth in Hare Bay in Jervis Bay.  We found it using GPS co-ordinates from Michael McFadyens web site.  We also found a large number of juvenile Port Jackson sharks.  We did this dive on August 7, 2005.  This was dive 159.  We were there for 52 minutes and had plenty of air left.  It seems to be a bit of a sanctuary for baby PJs, less than a foot long.  A lovely half hour dive.

Fairey Firefly  12-09-09


Wayne enters with a splash

Fiddler ray

Fiddler ray

Wayne with a baby PJ

baby PJ beside the Firefly

one of the cockpits

the one remaining wing

Wayne floats over the Firefly

Wayne beside the prop

2 baby PJs - about 30cm long

a piece of the plane

the wing

the rear section of the plane

Wayne and the prop

the propeller


life under the wing

rear section of the plane

Pjs under the plane

one of the cockpits

old wives

wing section

Wayne has a look inside

nudies on the wing

Wyane having a good look inside

spooky looking

Wayne and his baby

Wayne and his baby

baby PJs

schooling fish above the plane


Pelican cruising close to shore



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