Fairey Firefly  12-09-09


We have wanted to revisit this plane wreck since we first visited it.  We have tried since but not found it.  This was out lucky day.  Fine and warm but with a wind coming up we anchor at our mark.  The anchor holds in the sand, thanks to the 9lb weight attached to it and over the side we go.  I'm using my pony and the rest of the air in my tank from the first dive of the day.  That one is Nitrox but I set it for air. I start on the pony intending to suck it dry ,then switch to my main tank.  At the bottom the anchor is set firmly in the sand but no sign of the plane.  I see a juvenile PJ and know the plane is not far away.  It swims away and after attaching a line to the anchor head in the direction that it went.  Lo and behold after 30m swimming there she lies.  Wayne ties the line off to the plane while I attach my the line from my small safety sausage to the wreck and send it to the surface as a marker.  There are several juvenile PJs, an octopus in the cabin and some nice nudies.  Around the propeller hang a small school of bullseye.  This is a lovely 2nd or 3rd dive at only 12m but after 30 mins you have seen all there is to see.  It is worth revising to see how it changes over the year. 

Once back at the surface Wayne climbed back into the boat while I finned across the safety sausage.  Wayne drove the boat over and after making sure that the line down to the plane was vertical he marked the waypoint, giving us perfect GPS co-ordinates .  These are:

WGS84 Latitude 35 00 54.30 Longitude 150 44' 18.78  Guaranteed. 

If you miss it there is nothing but weed and sand around it.



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