Yellowrock Drift 05-10-13




This was our second dive for the day.  John offered to give us a drift dive as he was staying on the boat. He dropped us off at Yellow rock and we drifted south along the wall.  Yellowrock is on the headland north of Long Bay.  It is named for a big band of yellow rock on the cliff face. 

Again, the viz was spectacular. Max depth was 21m.  We found lots of fish and as we got closer to Long Bay we started to see lots of schooling fish.  Under rock ledges were a group of PJs where Eddie coaxed a PJ to get the 3lb weight that was near it's fin.  Where this group was sitting is a rather nice swim through. 

The most fish life was towards the end of the dive, close the the north point of Long Bay.

The drift was quite slow as there was very little current so we mostly finned our way south.  When I was getting lowish on air I put up my SMB and John came over ready to pick us up.  We were then very close to the entrance to Long Bay.


My thanks to John for taking me out on SEA JOHN.  It is a great boat to dive off - only improvement I could think of was to have some old towels like Wayne and I have.



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