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Cocos (Keeling) Island is a tropical paradise.  Clear waters, white sand, friendly people and fish.  It is very laid back.  This is not a 5 star destination.  There are not shopping malls galore, people that wait on you hand and foot, gourmet restaurants galore.  What there is the most relaxing and beautiful group of islands.  There is good food and plenty of it, great beaches, a nice club to drink with the friendly ocals, great snorkelling and diving. You don't feel that you need to do anything here.  Sitting back and relaxing in the peace and quiet is just wonderful. 

The diving here is 5 star + some.  We dived 6 days straight, 2 dives per day and would have loved to do more except we were only here for a week.  I took many hundreds of photos, only a few are shown on the web site.  Karen and Dieter of Cocos Dive were the most wonderful hosts.

You can click on the Cocos dive logo on any page to go to their web site.  I trust you it's worth it.


The diving varies considerably.  Amongst the dives we did were:

  • shallow coral reefs abounding with small fish life
  • Steep drop offs
  • Sheer drop offs 
  • Gorgonian fans on fantastic walls
  • Drifts
  • Lots of reef sharks
  • Wrecks - small ones
  • "barren" bottom with lots of fish life
  • Dolphins and Turtles
  • Manta Rays
  • and if you are really lucky you might meet "Kat" the lone dugong.

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