Direction & Prison Islands
 While not dive sites, our time at Cocos was not complete without looking at Direction island (DI) and it's neighbor Prison Island.  DI is a favourite lunch and picnic spot.  Locals flock here on the weekends for picnics.  The island had a number of moorings for smaller boats and a jetty for the ferry which visits on weekends.  We had lunch on DI everyday except on the weekend when we went to Prison Island.  DI had covered tables where visitors have placed recordings of their visits.  We also put a Deep6 T-shirt with our names on it as record of our visit.  Yachts often pull in here on their journey across the Indian Ocean or on their way North.  The beach is clean and white, the water sheltered, there are toilets and running water.  There is even a phone that  you can use.  I called my Mum one day from this uninhabited tropical island.  The Rip runs along the South side of DI and it is a wonderful fast drift past small caves and overhangs and into the lagoon.  At the end of the rip is a net to stop the unwary from continuing into the lagoon.
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Direction & Prison Islands



Sayak Kecil

the beach on DI

records of past vistors

there are heaps of them

permanent water

the picnic spot

local flower

me on the 'throne'

looking towards the rip

the lagoon

lunch on Prison island

sea cucumber in the rip

star fish


Prison Island

in the rip

there are chooks on DI

hermit crabs

more hermit crabs

Daniella & Steven

hermit crabs

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