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   Following a wonderful surface interval at DI we headed out to the south east of Horsburgh Island to Lane Cove.  We entered the water to myriads of fish, basically following the reef around to where it fell away steeply.  Following a channel in the reef we made our way back to the anchor.  With plenty of air left and Deiter, telling us "I expect you back at 70 mins and if we weren't back in 80 mins he would go without us", 3 of us stayed at 10m amongst the corals for the rest of the 80 minutes before taking a leisurely ascent.  Actually Dieter is very safety conscious and conservative.  It probably helped that at 10m he could see us from the boat.  On this dive may camera batteries died so I spent a lot of time just lazing around slowly, letting the fish come to me.  Max depth was 22m.


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