North Ripper
  In the afternoon  we headed around Distribution Island and onto its' East side.  Stopping short of Ripper where we had done our first dive, Dieter challenged us to dive a new site.  Of course we were up to the challenge and with millpond seas what could be more exciting. 
There was a slight current but the water was crystal clear as usual.  We swam North over beautiful corals that was just full of fish life.  Ther were black tip reefies, including one that came in close to check us out.  We swaw Titan triggerfish, cocos angelfish and a huge eel, as well as lots of clown fish in anenomes.  Moorish idol (which we also see in Sydney), trevally and wrasse.  At just 20m we were able to spend 65 minutes here, including just hanging off the anchor rope enjoying our surroundings.
Cocos Above Water
Garden of Eden
Spanish Eyes
Lane Cove
Two Caves
Garden of Eden Drift
Gerhard's Cannons
Cologne Gardens
North Ripper
Manta Beach
Cabbage patch
Direction & Prison Islands



plate coral

titan triggerfish

divers in silhouette

mill pond seas


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