Two Caves
 We were getting really used to lunch on DI.  After lunch we headed out to Two Caves for our 6th Cocos dive.  This site is located between Distribution and Horsburgh Islands, close to where the bottom drops off.  There are 2 caves here on the drop off, hence the name.  We did not visit the caves but enjoyed a dive around the bommies and the wreck of a Sri Lankan fishing vessel that had been sunk there.  There is also wreckage from the old cable station that used to be on DI.  Dieter joined us on this dive, leading us out into the blue past the drop off.  Once here he proceeded to attract reef sharks (no burley involved).  And they came too, swimming up from the deep to check us out.  None got too close which was just as well.  We spent 62 mins on this dive to a maximum depth of 23m.
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Two Caves
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Direction & Prison Islands



A Manta cruises below us

anchor from the fishing vessel

the wreck

a roller

the starboard side of the wreck

the diesel engines

Aaron and the engine

fish under the keel

more fish under the keel


props and rudder

diver & wreck in the distance

reef sharks

Dah dah dah dah

divers out in the deep blue

sea cucumber

lone plate coral

little pipe fish

pipe fish

Dieter shows us a sea cucumber

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