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Our tour group was 5 experienced divers.  Mark (owner of Deep6), Aaron, Daniella and Steven, and myself met at Perth airport Thursday March 16 for our flight to Cocos.  This is an international flight so we go through customs.

We arrived early evening, having flown from Perth via Learmonth.  On Cocos we went through customs and were met by our host.  The motel we stayed at is across the road from the airport.  We stayed on West Island where most of the tourists stay.  The only other island that is inhabited is Home Island, where most of the population is.  The Cocos (Keeling) Island Tourism Association has lots of information about the islands.

Once settled in our rooms we met with Dieter our diving host and owner, with Karen, of Cocos Dive.  Dieter gave us an outline of the diving and procedures, got our certs and experience levels and arranged for any gear that we needed.  We were then able to have dinner. Dinner is buffet style - $18 - all you can eat and comprises 3 to 4 choices of meats and fish, vegetables, salads and deserts.  The food is very good.  On Wednesday nights a Malay restaurant opens.  Dieter has a permanent booking.  For $20 for 3 courses the food is superb.

the plane we took to Cocos

Cocos Club and community board

One of the road signs

my arrival at Cocos.

our greeter

dive shop on the left, supermarket on the right

sunset - right outside our rooms

Mark, Steven, Daniella and Aaron in one of the gazebos outside our rooms

Cocos Dive - our hosts

Pidge - Karen's pet - thinks it's a cat


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