Cologne Gardens
 Today, March 21, 2006  the seas were millpond.  We swapped boats to Putri Laut as were were joined by 3 German divers.  She is quite a bit larger and much more spacious. Cologne Gardens is on the West side of Horsburgh Island and features deep wall drop offs.  I hit a maximum depth of 40.3m and there was quite a depth of water below me.  This was a special dive as it was Aaron's 100th.  And we have photos to prove it as well, taken at 40m.  The fans and fish on the wall were fantastic but the fish life was just as good on the shelf at 9 to 15m which is where we spend most of our time.  Despite the depth we still managed a 75 minute dive, thanks to most of that time being at around 10m.
Cocos Above Water
Garden of Eden
Spanish Eyes
Lane Cove
Two Caves
Garden of Eden Drift
Gerhard's Cannons
Cologne Gardens
North Ripper
Manta Beach
Cabbage patch
Direction & Prison Islands


Aron 100th at 40m

How proud is he

looking up the wall

swarm of fish

Mark floats around

Aaron, Steven and Daniella



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