Garden of Eden Drift
 Day 4 and another fine day for diving. There is frequently a current running along the North East of Horsburgh Island and today we had a gentle current that took us 800m along the wall in 47 mins.  The maximum depth at the drop off was 30m so we could not stay at that depth for too long.  All too soon as we drifted the deco limit approached and I had to ascend some.  At shallower depths we looked down on the reef and fish life and just enjoyed drifting along with out having to fin.  Lots of nice gorgonian fans, clown fish, anenome reef sharks and midnight trevally.  As was our habit we lunched on DI, walking across the island to get into the rip on the ocean side. 
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Garden of Eden Drift
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cocos angelfish

Mark relaxes

moray eel

large wrasse

floating safety stop

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