The Pinnacle 11-01-14
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 Our first dive for 2014.  Jen, Heinz, Wayne and myself gathered at Port Kembla.  Given the good weather the boat ramp was very busy.  We got out OK and anchored right over the cave.  Jen and I went down first.  A PJ rested near the cave.  During the dive it swam off.  I had to guide it away as it was headed right at me.  No issue as they are very docile.  There was a large school of NannyGai and a small cuttle which did not want to come out very far.

There was a lot of muck in the water so viz was down a bit.  Water temp was a lovely 20 degrees.  Jen and I ascended first and spent 10 minutes at 5m honing our buoyancy skills before climbing back onto the boat.

I had take quite a number of photos during the dive (max depth 30.9m).  It wasn't until we prepared for our second dive at Pig Island that I discovered water in the camera housing, and quite a bit of it.  Taking the camera out it looked bad.  I did the usual things, removed the battery and SD card (both are OK) and put the camera in fresh water.  We examined the housing but could not see a reason for the leak.  The housing must have leaked during our ascent, but I can't understand how.  It's now in a bucket of water while I figure out how to ensure it is not leaking.  And of course searching e-bay for another Canon G12.


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