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Pig Island Sth 14-02-15


A miserable looking day that threatened strong winds and sloppy seas.  We headed to our usual anchor spot and immediately the blue colour of the water taunted us.  We anchored a bit further out than we normally do as closer to the island risked the boat being picked up by the waves and pushed into the rocks.  We headed down and on the bottom at 22m we could make out the boat on the surface through schools of thousands of fish.

Near the anchor we found a pair of mourning cuttles who entertained us for a few minutes.  Then to our surprise we saw 2 smaller ones close to these two.  Amazing to see 4 mourning cuttles together.  There were fish everywhere, bullseye, mowong, long finned pike and groper to name a few.  We found several moray eels and then towards the end of the dive 2 more mourning cuttles.

This site, so close to the boat ramp, never ceases to impress.  It is one of the most fishy sites in the local area, and to our knowledge not that often dived.  There is a wide depth range from 22m on the sand to 10m closer to the island.  And there is always a lot to see at any depth.


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