The Pinnacle 29-12-12
[Pig Island Sth 160906]
[Pig Island 11-11-06]
[Martins Islet 11-11-06]
[Martins Islet 30-12-06]
[Pig Island 30-12-06]
[Pig Island 10-02-07]
[Toothbrush Island 10-02-07]
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[Pig Island Nth 03-11-07]
[Pig Island Sth 23-02-08]
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[Pig Island Sth 28-11-09]
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[Martins Islet 27-11-10]
[Martins Islet 04-12-10]
[Pig Island Sth 21-04-11]
[Martins Islet 16-07-11]
[Martins Islet 13-08-11]
[Pig Island Sth 13-08-11]
[Pig Island Sth 19-11-11]
[Martins Islet 19-11-11]
[Pig Island 14-07-12]
[The Pinnacle 24-11-12]
[The Pinnacle 29-12-12]
[Pig Island Sth 29-12-12]
[The Pinnacle 01-06-13]
[The Pinnacle 11-01-14]
[Pig Island Sth 14-02-15]


This is our second foray at The Pinnacle at Port Kembla.  It's just the other side of Pig Island but reasonably deep getting to 33 or 34m on the sand.  We anchored just north of the cave where we saw a big bull ray last time.  There was a current running north so we pushed onto it and down to the cave.  Shortly after we got there another bull ray came past.  It returned again at least once more during our dive.  In the cave was a lion fish swimming against the ceiling of the cave.  A bit further out we found a number of cuttles.

There were lots of fish here, the viz was OK but there was  lot of particulate in the water which hindered the cameras.  Next visit we will take a reel and explore it better.




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