Pig Island Sth 23-02-08
Pig Island Sth 160906
Pig Island 11-11-06
Martins Islet 11-11-06
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Pig Island 30-12-06
Pig Island 10-02-07
Toothbrush Island 10-02-07
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Pig Island Nth 03-11-07
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Pig Island Sth 13-08-11
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Martins Islet 19-11-11
Pig Island 14-07-12
The Pinnacle 24-11-12
The Pinnacle 29-12-12
Pig Island Sth 29-12-12
The Pinnacle 01-06-13
The Pinnacle 11-01-14
Pig Island Sth 14-02-15



We hadn't been to Port Kembla for a while and with questionable swell forecasts we figured it was worth a go.  The Bombo is always an attraction when diving out of Port Kembla and we were lucky today, finding that we would be able to do it as a second dive.  There were very few fishing boats out today.  The swell was big at times but very long and not a problem.  The chop caused by the wind was likely to be a bigger one.  We anchored on the South side of Pig Island, our favourite side.  With high tide approaching we looked for good conditions.  The water was a balmy 22oC and viz looked good.  We dropped both anchors,  Wayne attending to the front one and me the back.  We met in the middle and away we went.  You can get some good depth here, up to 26m on high tide, or stay as shallow as 10-12m.  As we had expected the fish life was prolific.  We had schools of yellowtail, old wives, a large wobbie wedged in a crack and close to it a PJ.  There were heaps of other fish as well, too many to note.  We had an interesting encounter with a moray which was coaxed out of it's hole by Wayne.  And a cuttle swimming in mid water that took an interest in us.  We were able to interact with it for a few minutes before it headed off.  When time came to finish the dive we could hear the anchor chain but not see it.  Following where we thought the sound was we came across both anchors being dragged across the bottom.  We managed to get the back anchor, which is a plough type, to hook into a crevice and sent the front one up.  This was to stop the boat from drifting too far.  It was being pushed by the wind and not knowing how far away the island was, this was the safe option. Needless to say we had some fun getting the anchor loose again.  A well deserved surface interval back at the boat ramp and we headed out for the Bombo.

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